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Got trich? You’re not alone.

If you pull out your hair – from your head, eyelashes, eyebrows or elsewhere – and can’t seem to stop, listen up! 

You have nothing to be ashamed about. Seriously, nada! Experts believe that up to 2% of the population has trichotillomania. Some of us just have it a bit more than others.

And with the right support, it IS possible to overcome this condition and live life happily, confidently and pull-free. Join a community of people going through the same experiences.

GROW is here for YOU.  

There’s no need to struggle with this condition alone or in silence – that just makes things even harder!

When you join GROW, you’ll learn from other people’s experiences and get access to trainings and content to help you live confidently and to the max. 

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Your GROW membership is all-inclusive. When you subscribe, you get unlimited access to everything inside – including the GROW Masterclass, live coachings, an online community forum and your own personalized Hair Pulling Habit Reversal Tracker.

GROW Masterclass

The ultimate online course for dealing with hair pulling, including training modules on specific habit reversal techniques, audios to listen to when you feel like pulling, and more. 

GROW Online Community

A secure, private community of people dealing with trichotillomania, just like you! Ask questions, share experiences, learn what’s worked for others, and make new friends. 

GROW Hair Pulling Habit Reversal Tracker

A proprietary habit reversal system developed especially for the GROW community.

We’re here to remind you…

You are beautiful, with or without hair.   

Dealing with trichotillomania is ESPECIALLY hard due to society’s expectations on us.

When conventional beauty standards in magazines are all about long flowing hair, long fluttering eyelashes and power brows, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like your missing hair means you’ll never be considered beautiful.

Don’t worry, we get it. We’ve been there. We ARE there. But know that your beauty is SO MUCH MORE than hair.

Your beauty is the way your eyes sparkle when you laugh. The way you smile that lights up the room. The way you carry yourself with confidence. The way you dress, in your own unique style. 

Your beauty shows in the way you make people feel. Your kindness. Your heart. Your personality, and the reasons all your friends love you. 

Trichotillomania will never take your beauty away from you – remember that!

GROW is for you if….


❤️ You’ve been pulling your hair, eyelashes or eyebrows for months, even years or decades, but just can’t seem to stop.

❤️ You keep your hair pulling a secret from your family, friends, colleagues and try to hide any bald patches.

❤️ You have deep internal feelings of shame about your hair pulling – this affects your relationships and how close you get to people.

❤️ You sometimes cancel social events and bail on friends because you can’t deal with the thought of anyone seeing you when you’re feeling down about your missing eyelashes / eyebrows / bald patches.

❤️You wish you knew other people who have trichotillomania too so you feel less alone in this journey.

❤️ You’re ready to try something new, connect with other amazing women across the world with trichotillomania, and explore alternative methods to dealing with hair pulling!


“Finally I don’t feel alone going through all this – joining GROW has been the best decision I’ve ever made”

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