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How the GROW Ambassador Program works

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Only people with trichotillomania or therapists / coaches are eligible.

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Get paid when people join GROW via your link

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Got something to share that can help people with trichotillomania?

Whether it’s a technique for disguising bald patches, teaching people how to apply hair toppers, dealing with the emotional issues that Trich can cause, confidence boosting exercises, Habit Reversal Techniques to reduce pulling, we’re open to all kinds of ideas. 

Masterclass hosts get free lifetime membership to GROW. 

What members say about GROW

“Before I joined GROW, I felt really alone and had a lot of anxiety and shame around my hair pulling. Now I feel like I am more in control, more confident, less anxious and being around other women with Trichotillomania who understand what i’m going through is amazing.”

“The Hypnosis audios for hair pulling in the GROW Masterclass have helped me almost fully stop pulling. Joining this community is actually the best decision i’ve made in a long time.”

“I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor or see a therapist about my hair pulling So I joined GROW after seeing an ad for it, and it’s so worth the money (which is super cheap at less than $10 / month)! “

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