Get FREE membership to GROW when you host a Masterclass!

Got Trichotillomania and want to help the other gorgeous girls who have it too? Create 1 or more videos for the GROW community and we’ll give you FREE lifetime membership.

First up, what is GROW?

Great question! Created by 2 girls with Trichotillomania ourselves, GROW is the private online community and resource center for people with Trichotillomania.

Members get access to a online community (100% secure, everything shared inside is totally private) and a ton of great resources to help reduce pulling, eliminate shame & embarassment, and help you feel more confident – no matter how many bald patches you have.

What is a GROW Masterclass?

A GROW Masterclass is a video of any length that is helpful in some way to people with Trichotillomania.

We’re open to tons of ideas on what exactly the video(s) are!

Here are some potential video tutorial topics:

* how to apply a hair topper
* how to apply false eyelashes when you have no eyelashes at all
* how to recreate your eyebrows realistically
* a Habit Reversal Technique you’ve learned that is effective for you
* a practical exercise for boosting self esteem
* motivational advice & inspiration to help people feel less ashamed

3 easy steps (we make it quick & easy!)

Apply to host a Masterclass

Let us know what you want to film a video about, and tell us about yourself!

Film your video(s)

Once we say YES to your topic, time to record! We’ll send you some instructions first.

Send your video(s) to us

We’ll upload your video(s) to our super secure AWS hosting and publish them inside GROW.

A peek inside the GROW Masterclass Zone

GROW Masterclass

Get FREE lifetime membership when you become a GROW Masterclass host

GROW Masterclass Hosts are what make our community so special ❤️

By sharing your tips, techniques, inspiration and general amazingness with other people who have Trichotillomania, you’re making a HUGE impact in people’s lives. Seriously, so many people with Trich feel like they are totally alone – so watching your videos can literally be life transforming. 

To say THANK YOU, we’ll gift you lifetime free “All Access” membership to GROW (worth $245) as a token of our appreciation.

Oh, and (virtual) big hugs and high fives on behalf of the entire community!  

PSSSST. Did you know you can make $50 for every person you refer to GROW?


Yes for real! We have an Ambassador Program where we pay $50 for every person you refer who signs up for GROW’s Full Access plan. 

So if you promote your GROW Masterclass with your unique link, you get rewarded when people sign up.

You help people with Trichotillomania get the support they need AND make money doing it – it’s a win/win! 


How long should my video be?

There are no rules! In general we suggest between 5 mins (minimum) – 30 mins (maximum).

How many videos can I create?

As many as you like! If you just have 1 thing to share, that’s totally fine. Or if you have lots to share, that’s also fine! If you want to share many videos on an ongoing basis, we’ll create a dedicated channel for you inside the Masterclass Zone where you can post all your videos and interact with your followers as the Host. 

Which is best - 1 long video or multiple short videos?

We recommend multiple short videos, so 1 video for 1 topic. This makes it easier for people to know which videos they want to watch.

For example, instead of 1 long video with “ways to cover bald patches” it could be 3 shorter videos “How hide bald spots on your head” + “How to hide missing eyelashes” + “How to hide gaps in your eyebrows”. 

Will my profile be attached to my Masterclass?

Yes we’ll set you up as the Host of the Masterclass, so members of GROW will be able to click on your host profile. In your profile you can write anything you’d like about yourself, including links to your own social media profiles if you like.

However if you’d like to stay totally anonymous that’s also fine! Simply don’t include identifying information inside your profile or let us know and we won’t list you as the Host. 

We care about privacy so your Masterclass and profile will ONLY be visible to members of GROW, nobody outside the community will ever see you’re in there. 


Can I use an existing video I've posted on Instagram?

For security reasons, we can’t publish any videos inside GROW if we’re not 100% certain you are the owner of the video. So usually we ask that when you film a video you’ll introduce it by saying “Hey GROW members!” – this helps us avoid situations where someone submits a video they found from someone else on the internet.

If we have reached out to you directly so we can guarantee the authenticity of the ownership of a video, then yes we’re happy to publish any videos you’ve previously posted online. 


I'm a therapist / coach who helps people with Trichotillomania. What next?

So glad you found us! As we grow the community, we’ll be hiring coaches to provide online support and weekly video coaching to members. We’re not quite at that stage yet, but please contact us at to introduce yourself and if you’re open to collaborations in the meantime then we’d love your ideas. 

Can I include downloadable PDFs with exercises for people to do?

Yes! We’d love this! You can also include any text you want alongside your video, so any instructions or exercises can be included directly inside your Grow Masterclass.  

Apply to be a Masterclass Host

Tell us why you want to be a Masterclass host and what video topics you’d like to do.