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Hey everyone!

It’s 1st of February today and we’re doing a monthly challenge for GROW members : Pull Free February!

As we all know, simply trying not to pull is super hard and it’s easy to slip up. So we’re gonna have two parts to this monthly challenge:

1. Celebrating wins!

Didn’t pull today? Post an update letting everyone know (hurray!) with any feelings you’re having.

2. Increasing personal awareness and sharing learnings.

Pulled today? That’s totally ok – we are here for you! Post an update sharing what kind of situation you were in (ie. laying in bed watching Netflix), what time of day it was, what your emotion was immediately before pulling (eg. Boredom, stress, sad, etc). This will help bring awareness to what triggers you, and by sharing it helps inspire other people to bring more awareness to their own triggers too.


* When you post, set the Topic as “Pull Free February!”

* It can be any type of post : it can be a photo, text post or even full article. Whatever you feel inspired to share!

* you can choose to do a new post each time OR comment on the thread of your original post. Whatever you feel most comfortable with 🙂

The Goal:

Inspire each other, increase personal awareness of pulling habits, help normalize talking about it, and see if we can tap into our collective energy to do a full 30 day streak of letting all our hair grow!

The Prize:

There are 28 days in February. If you post inside GROW on at least 20 days this month, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a 1 hour coaching session with a therapist / coach who helps people with Trichotillomania.

Everyone is eligible, even if you pull on some of the days ❤️

Any questions? Let me know!

And there’s no time like the present to start – post your first update today ❤️ 🙌🥂


How To Join

If you’re an existing member, log in here

If you want to join, sign up to GROW here


ps. GROW is a private, members only community & resource center for people dealing with Trichotillomania. All posts inside it are 100% confidential and not visible to the public, only to members.